Thursday, March 26, 2009

Callaway Claws Back

Golf equipment manufacturer Callaway may have found a way to potentially keep its brand going on the PGA Tour for years to come, after becoming the official sponsor and exclusive equipment supplier (sticks, ammo & threads) for the David Leadbetter Golf Academy, a division of sports and entertainment conglomerate IMG. IMG Academies are located in Bradenton, Florida and are the foremost competitive and educational training ground for many young, aspiring athletes who seek a chance at a professional sports career.

What a better way than for Callaway to have a nice ‘in’ with a veritable pick of the litter of talented young athletes. This isn’t to say that every boy/girl coming through IMG will have an endorsement contract waiting for them upon graduation, nor it would be wise to suggest that Callaway is forcing their brand upon anyone.

But when you’re in a dogfight with Titleist over patents (read as: our ball is better than yours), it’s good for Callway to know that they’re still wanted and may still survive.

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