Thursday, March 05, 2009

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Rivalries have always spurred the public interest. Hatfield/McCoy, Ali/Frazier, Coca-Cola/Pepsi… you get the picture.

In a saga of intellectual property, Callaway claims that Titleist’s Pro-V line of golf balls violates the patent of the “Rule 35” ball, to which Callaway has the original patent. Fortune Brand’s Acushnet division (manufacturer of Titleist) filed a countersuit against Callaway claims that the Tour-I and Tour-IX models ‘unlawfully incorporated the technology’ that is covered by Titleist’s own patent.

Call the argument whatever you want: “We were first—No, we were first!” “Mine’s bigger—No, mine’s bigger!” “Yo mama – No, yo mama”

This isn’t really about an infringement on the other’s patent. To find out who will really win this battle, all you have to do is follow the money. In our dwindling economy, it will only be a matter of time before vertically integrated billion-dollar revenue giant like Fortune (owner of Footjoy, Cobra, Scotty Cameron and another ball brand, Pinnacle) will gobble up Callaway.

Even the worst of amateur golfers will pay $45/dozen (retail). The idea being that because hundreds of PGA Tour professionals use and win with the “#1 ball in golf”, so will they.

The editors at IB18 believe Callaway may very well win the battle, but they’ll ultimately lose the war.

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Cash said...

my big problem with Callaway's argument is that they did not invent the technology for whoch they claim patent infringement - they fricking bought them in a bankruptcy deal from Spalding. Even if they are right, their claim stifles innovation - which I have a huge problem with.

God knows - the right side rarely seems to prevail once we get in the courtroom (see O.J., Richard Scrushy, Al Sharpton, et al.)

The Armchair Golfer said...

I'm kind of ignorant on this subject, but are there ulterior motives regarding the suit? Obviously, Titleist owns the lion's share of the golf ball market. Is Callaway also using the suit to try to get attention and a little more market share?

eda said...



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