Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Whose Tour Is This?

Colombian-born Camilo Villegas has every reason to be ticked off when some ‘ignorant, know-nothing about golf’ reporter has to ask him what it will be like playing Tiger Woods again, just as someone did in a weekly interview with a Colombian radio station.

“Guys, I believe it's like 80 players in the field. Again, we just have to take care of what we do, set our goals and accomplish them,” Villegas replied.

To be completely fair, the interviewer wouldn’t know a 3-iron from a bowl of Cheerios unless you had them eat one and gently shove the other up their ass.

And to keep things in perspective, since Woods went on injured reserve after his US Open victory last season, Villegas:

*won 2 events (BMW & Tour Championship in 2008)
*finished 7th on the 2008 money list
*has finished in the top-25 in 3 of 5 starts in 2009
*finished tied for 9th at the WGC-Match Play
*is currently 29th on the 2009 money list

Since his injury, Tiger has bested Villegas in 1 out of those aforementioned categories. He is currently 129th on the PGA Money list after one event (lost in Round 2 at WGC-Match Play… to who?)

Villegas is well aware of his own success and the publicity it has brought him when he also mentions, "I'm going to be known by more people and I'm going to be on more magazines, this and that.”

However, there would be those who would argue that Villegas is popular by virtue of the fact that Woods’ presence on Tour garners more publicity and human interest and thus, owes some of his popularity to Tiger.

To that I say… here’s some Cheerios and a 3-iron.

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DeeDee said...

I agree...everyone plays and everyone has a chance to win....Tiger;s great, but so are alot of guys.

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