Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Golf's Perception=Racist Reality?

Between the AP and ESPN's Outside The Lines (Part I, Part II, Part III) reports on golf's 'mostly white' image, IB18 editors needed to comment. Our take:

If a racist perception is the problem for the PGA then it wouldn't hurt them to provide perhaps at least 3 exemptions to african-american players (amateur and/or professional) at each of its events, in the same fashion that the Northern Trust Open had the Charlie Sifford exemption at its tournament this year. In addition, more PGA players (of all races) should be taken to task on this and use their popularity to address this issue (ie: hold clinics for minorities, community outreach, etc...)

Golf manufacturers and retailers also have a responsibility to attract African-Americans and this can be addressed through EEOPs (Equal Employment Opportunity Programs) at their respective stores and companies. If the face of golf needs to change on tour then it would make sense that it should change at the point-of-sale as well.

African-Americans need to realize that being a Professional Tour golfer, albeit possible, is a time-consuming, high cost proposition that is blind when it comes to matters of race. However, clubfitters, clubmakers, clothiers and teaching pros are still a part of golf's fabric and it would perhaps create more inroads to various careers in golf.

It would perhaps also increase the comfort level of alienated African-Americans wishing to take up the sport.

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Anonymous said...

1. Exemptions will only serve to engender actual racism over any perceived racism.

2. Golf is expensive and difficult for everybody.

3. Put a 63 down in Q School and welcome to the Tour.

4. Retailers are not obligated to market to anyone except those people they think will purchase their products.

5. High school sports funding is an issue of participation, interest, and infrastructure. Plenty of city schools don't offer golf. They also do not have even rudimentary running tracks or football fields.

6. Golf itself is not racist. Golf suffers from a history of elitism but has come a long, long way. The problem is that golf has been attached to private clubs, and *some* of the people who belong to those clubs are elitist, racist, ignorant fools. But you can find those folks anywhere.

7. Not personally a fan of the sentence "African-Americans need to realize..." etc. It doesnt read well and kind of comes off in a way that could be easily misunderstood.

-liberal progressive, btw.

Jeff Goodman (Goods) said...

wow... that's the most anyone said for one of my comments. Will cut the 'need to realize' crap in the future. Thanks for pointing that out. :)

And great comments, btw

Anonymous said...

For a liberal progressive they sure sound like Clarence Thomas.

Anonymous said...

The best thing about golf is its non-bias or racist. In reality, its really simple, if you can score, your on the tour. Heck, the US open is open to anyone - just play golf and post your score. Unlike, everyother sport on this country where you have to be profiled by height, weight, vertical, speed, agility, and one of my favorite "student of the game vs pure athletic abiliy"

Golf is the purest game we have - you against the course, if you can post scores that are competitive you'll end up walking the same courses as Phil, Tiger, and the rest of PGA Tour.


golfblog said...

Great pic, i don't think its racist

Vince Spence said...

I just saw a commercial on TV (LPGA on TGC) where a lady complained about being told she looked great for her age. She feels that intimates that looking old (or older) is a bad thing and she was insulted.

From this day forward on issues of race, I will respond, "Whatever you say". It is impossible to be right, regardless of what you say or how you say it or who you say it to. Impossible...

eda said...



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