Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Masters Profile: Pimento Cheese Sandwich on White Bread

Nutritional info (per sandwich) : Calories (556 cals), Total fat (35 grams), Saturated fat (12 grams), Cholesterol (65 mg), Sodium (307 mg.), Protein (22 grams).

Abandon all expectations of heart-healthy options when it comes to Southern cuisine, as any sort of cholesterol concern gets thrown to the wind. The traditional Pimento Cheese Sandwich has always been a staple of the South, the Masters and is relatively cheap ($1.50) when you consider how much concessions generally cost at sporting events.

Here's a recipe for you, should you want to serve your own while watching the Masters tournament this year.

Commonly used as a spread on crackers or topping on a baked potato, Augusta National has popularized the dish in sandwich form. Cheesy, creamy and kicked up with paprika (or Tabasco sauce) it is a perfect vegetarian alternative to the customary 'meat and bread' fare at the golf course. Despite its wet consistency, the pimento cheese sandwich won't sog up the bread until it is consumed, leaving its soft, mushy love for the palate.

3 Comentários:

DeeDee said...

I used to have pimento cream cheese sandwiches for lunch when I was in elementary school. they were never my favorites, but my mom made them (on wonder bread) and so I ate them....who knew they were a southern favorite....so cheap and so carb heavy!!!

Heather said...

One of my favorites! I wonder if my roving reporters, Eeyore & Roo, are eating them today at the Masters practice round? They better not submit any receipts over $1.50!

The Armchair Golfer said...

Ate one of those things last year on the actual hallowed ground. And I'm still alive. :)

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