Monday, April 13, 2009

Tiger and Phil Almost Win!!!

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson were paired together on Sunday at Augusta with a green jacket hanging in the balance. After bogeying his final 2 holes, Woods almost had his 5th jacket and a double bogey at the par-3 12th allowed Mickelson to almost capture his 3rd. There was something truly glorious in watching two players lose the tournament, harkening back to the 1968 Masters where Roberto DiVicenzo almost won the Masters, when he fudged his scorecard.

It was right up there with Bill Buckner, the Buffalo Bills and Peter McNeely almost being victorious.

Even the press got hard-ons over how Woods and Mickelson successfully shat the bed.

There was something so magical about it all even Rick Morrissey of the Chicago Tribune had to concede that this year's tournament was, "Tiger and Phil aided."

Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times conceded, "They nearly stole the jacket. They did steal the Masters."
Mark Hermann of Newsday probably said it best, "Maybe next time they face each other, they will both do so well that one of them will win."

Heck, who needs a sudden death playoff between 3 players? If 'almost' is good enough in horseshoes and hand-grenades, then it's good enough for Morrissey, Plaschke and Hermann and the rest of the knowledgeable, unbiased golf writers of the world.

Almost winning the Masters, or in this case, losing the Masters by 3 or 4 strokes has never been so exciting. Congratulations to near champions Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson!

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